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Fill this in with stuff about you

Where I’m from:
Tiny coastal town in Deep South
Where I would like to live:
In a farmhouse far away from light pollution so I could see the stars every night
Favorite food:
Chocolate croissants
Sexual orientation:
Married with children
Favorite book:
Little Women
Eye color:
green. sometimes mossy, sometimes grey, sometimes blue
Favorite movie:
The Best Years of our Lives(Oscar fav) Pillow Talk (guilty pleasure)
Favorite TV show:
right now, Bob's Burgers
Favorite band/singer:
Lana del Rey
Favorite day of the year:
my children's birthdays
Favorite colour:
If I have any pets:
three amazing kitty cats. Norwegian Forest Cat who rules like a mother fucking king, a cat allergic to cats, and a ginger tabby who is the rebel of the family
What I’m listening to right now:
pandora , Birdy station
Last movie I’ve watched:
The Hollow Crown: Richard II
What’s my ringtone:
honestly, idk, I rarely answer it in time
Favorite male character from a TV show:
Adam, GIRLS.
Favorite female character from a TV show:
Gwendoline Christie, Game of Thrones
Favorite superhero:
Wonder Woman and Black Canary....and now Quicksilver, but I think it's just my crush on Evan Peters.
Celebrity crush:
Michael Fassbender, Evan Peters, David Tennant, Gemma Arterton

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